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yizo yizo(yy) this is a currently running dramma, on SABC TV in south Africa and it has gotten people talking.the essence of the dramma is to highlight what is happening in South African high schools, the local life, the steriotypes and the repercussions attached to crime.

two to three weeks back there was a special talk show held at one of SABC studios pertaining to an episode where one man was shown having sexual intercourse with another man in prison.

one group of people (the conservative elders) say yy should stop being aired as it shows scenes that young kids enquire about and them as elders don not know what to say in response to that.

another group (more learned-mid aged) says yy has brought about awareness of what is like in the townships and in the schools that thier kids go to.yy opens up a panel for discussion of these issues and in one way or the other provides possible solutions to some of the aspects it brings about.

an example is that of the act of vigilantes, one episode showed what the consequences of this act are and in a way encouraged communication of community workers with the police to fight crime.

yy is what SA TV has been needing in along time, its about time people started facing reality and acknowledging the fact that these things highlighted by yy are a reality and people must wake up and smell the roses.

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