WWII Propaganda from the Soviet, German, and Western Powers

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Wars Assignment - Propaganda

What is Propaganda?

Propaganda cannot be defined in one sentence. It has no one meaning. It can be a lot of things, or it can be just the one, all according to opinion. However, what brings all these thing together is the general feature that all these things have. A Propagandist is someone who tries to persuade an audience to adopt the attitude, opinion or action that the propagandist sees fit. In essence, this means that education, whatever it's objective may be, can be considered propaganda. Any one of a lawyers speeches in court can be considered propaganda. Religion, most of the world belongs to one, almost as much of the world belongs to one that uses the bible. The bible can easily be considered propaganda. Or, the thing that humans see plenty of every day, advertisements, on tv, billboards, newspapers, western civilizations see propaganda every day.

The common assumption that all propaganda is bad, is therefore wrong, however it comes from the widespread association with politics, and war.


Propaganda and its audiences can be classified into three main groups:

People already who already agree or who are inclined to (reinforces there belief, makes it concrete)

People who are basically neutral, who can be easily swayed to either side

People who are inclined to go against/disagree or who completely disagree.

Propaganda Cinema

Propaganda cinema is organized manipulation of public opinion to change the attitudes of the general public in favour of political regimes and against others through the art of film.

Nazi Germany

By the time the Nazi's took power in 1933, German cinema was already producing many highly patriotic and nationalistic films. Even that extra push from Joseph Goebels, the newly appointed minister of the new department of propaganda didn't help much, with...