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In 1914, late July, Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia. A tiny nation in Eastern Europe. In the days that followed, other major powers - Germany, Russia, France - had joined the conflict. People in Europe were giving in to the idea of a terrible loss. When war finally came thousands of lives were lost, homes and property were destroyed. The normal pattern of everyday life was interrupted.

By 1914, Europeans had enjoyed almost a century without a major war. They had witnessed incredible changes. Rapid advances in science and industry had fed a belief in unlimited progress. Peace and prosperity. That confidence, which Europeans had enjoyed for so long came crashing down on August 1914. Buried in an avalanche of death and destruction. World War I marked the beginning of a disturbing new age.

We as a group question whether the causes of World War I, were reasonable enough to cause this dark period.

From 1914 to 1918. Throughout our report we will identify some of the events which were supposedly reason enough to cause such a terrible conflict. We will identify causes such as: the murder of Sir Francis Ferdinand and his wife, and the fear of change. By the end of this report we hope that you as a reader will further understand the causes, destruction and impact that this terrible war had on the World. We hope that when you are through reading our report you will be able to decide whether the reasons given were good enough.

Murder of Sir Ferdinand and his wife.

In the Bosnia town of Sarejevo on the morning of June 28, 1914, a chauffeur misunderstood his instructions made the wrong turn. Tried too late to correct his blunder and so doing delivered his passenger to a point where...