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Wuthering Heights 1. The book that our class read was entitled Wuthering Heights; a British novel written in the 1800's by Emily Bronte. The text content of the story contained 334 pages.

2. Set in England on the Yorkshire Moors in the 19th century, Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights is the story of several love affairs that try to withstand the separation of social classes in order to keep their love alive. The main characters, Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff grew up on a middle class English countryside cottage called Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff was the gypsy servant taken in from the streets of Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw, owner of Wuthering heights and father of Catherine. Mr. Earnshaw's decision to take Heathcliff in sparks controversy within the household. As children, Heathcliff and Catherine were the best of friends, a friendship that turned to love with the coming of age. As the plot thickens, Catherine develops a close relationship with the inhabitants of the Threshold Grange.

She begins to take in their elegant lifestyle and as a result, pushes Heathcliff out of vant, and set to learn a column of Scripture names, if they don't answer properly? 3. -Heathcliff, page 48the picture. Catherine eventually marries Edgar Linton, inherent of the Grange estate. Heathcliff was devastated by this news and vanished for 3 years to become what he thought Catherine wanted him to be, an upper-class citizen. Catherine was happy in her marriage at first because of her wealth and social status, but later became overwhelmed with her desire to be with her childhood love, Heathcliff. Upon Heathcliff's return, he devotes his every action to plot against the Grange estate and be reunited with his sole mate, Catherine. He marries Isabella in order to become closer to, and impose jealousy upon Catherine's life.