World war

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world war

There have been wars ever since civilisation began. History tells us about the crusades, revolutions, civil wars, wars of independence, world wars, cold wars, guerilla wars and wars against terrorism. When borders are disputed, when warlords want more land, when dictators take over, war breaks out. Many wars are fought on different sorts of terrain, on the land, in the air or on the high seas. Wars are fought on religious grounds, over racial differences, nation against nation, black vs white.

The Second World War happened after 'the War to end all Wars' - the First World War. WW II killed more persons and affected more people than any other war in history. More than 50 countries took part in the war, which was fought in almost every part of the world. Three main causes of the war were: unsolved problems of World War I; the rise of dictatorships; the desire of Germany, Italy, and Japan for more territory.

The war started when Germany invaded Poland on Sept 1, 1939. Estimates of deaths in the war range between forty and fifty million. Over 20 million Russians, more than 9 million Allied soldiers and about 6 million men from the Axis nations died in the war. American losses were about 300,000 men. The war ended in Europe with the capitulation of Germany on May 7, 1945 and in the Pacific with the surrender of Japan on Sept. 2, 1945.

The war happening at present between Israel and Palestine started long ago. Britain, which had ruled Palestine since 1920, handed over the responsibility for solving the Zionist-Arab problem to the UN in 1947. The territory was plagued with chronic unrest pitting native Arabs against Jewish immigrants. The situation had become more critical with the displacement of hundreds of thousands...