World In A Kid's Eyes Write about Dill's comment about being a clown.

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World In A Child's Eyes

When this reality

Was flooded with immorality,

Nothing good's left,

I saw a child wept.

Upon the firmament he gaze

With his conscience in haze,

In the child's innocent eyes

Gone, the reflection of the clear blue sky,

It's the Dawn of darkness of injustice and lie.

Dill is a little boy from Harper Lee's classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird; he is Jem and Scout's best friend, together, they witness the cruelty of the reality and the ugliness of people's prejudice against others seeing a man being deprived of his dignity and freedom in spite of his apparent innocence. Dill, disheartened by the adult world, decides to be a clown when he grows up. But, why a clown?

Dill believes being a clown is only way to avoid the brutality of society. When Dill says "I think I'll be a clown when I get grown, there ain't one thing in this I can do about folks except laugh," (Pg.216)

the reader realizes that Dill has created another world deep inside his young heart, which protects himself from the real world; he finds the world hard to comprehend, so he just as well "runs away" from it. This is not just a child's whimsy, in fact, Dill has already made this decision as he first learns about racial prejudice during Tom Robinson's trial, when Jem tells him about Dalphus Raymond's children, "colored folks won't have'em because they're half-white; white folks won't have'em 'casuse they're colored, so they're just in-between, don't belong anywhere."(Pg.161) He hates this world because of people's hostilities toward others, as he says, "it just makes me sick."(Pg.199) Dill is completely confused and traumatized by what he sees in the Whiteman's court, in the Whiteman's world; he feels safe and...