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There are many different things you have to take into consideration in caring for your child. Some things you should know about are everyday care, feeding and growing, crying, comforting, and playing. This is a part of a child's everyday life. Toddlers (babies between the ages of one and two) need more care and help from their mothers. The pre-school child (between the ages of three and five) don't need as much help, but now they are learning and growing much more. There are many similarities and differences between toddlers and pre-school children that you should consider.

Toddlers Feeding and Growing- In caring for toddlers, feeding is very important.

You need to know what foods to feed your child as well as how often and how much. A mixed diet containing a wide variety of foods eaten in different combinations, everyday will give your child the nutrients it needs.(Penelope Leach 283) "Some toddlers diets should consist of plenty of meat and fish, eggs, cheese, milk, and fresh green vegetables."

(Penelope Leach, 282) This will determine what your child likes and dislikes and whether or not your child is eating properly. (Penelope Leach, 283) Everyday Care- Over the year, social scientists have become more aware of the importance of self-attitudes in a child. Your being able to understand your child will help him or her grow more wisely, knowledge of your child will help both you and the child grow and learn.(Louis M. Langford, 3) Looking after your body is very important. The child at this age usually wants to start doing things for themselves. When your child starts getting feisty, its best off not to fight about it and just let it go or it'll turn into an everyday issue. (Penelope Leach, 311) Crying and Comfort- Toddlers feelings are...