When Workplace Violence Occurs

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When Workplace Violence Occurs

Every day we read newspapers, watch television or converse with our peers and these sources are dominated by stories of violence. Typically, there has been one place that people have felt safe, and that is in their place of employment. Violence is all around us, and as we continue to read our newspapers, watch the evening news or converse with our peers, we are seeing a disturbing trend known as workplace violence. With the continued rise in workplace violence, employers who implement workplace violence prevention programs and policies could benefit greatly to help avoid and/or deal with workplace violence situations.

Many people in the workplace today have seen, heard or maybe have been a victim of workplace violence. Employers need to face the reality of today's growing and diverse workforce. Employers are faced with even more employee relation's issues than they were faced with twenty years ago.

The National Center for Disease Control now refers to the workplace violence problem as an epidemic because violent acts are occurring at work in such great proportions. (Rolnick 1). Unsettled domestic situations that only seem to increase every year in this country, has only added to the problem of workplace violence.

Employers need to remember that workplace violence situations can create high liability risks. By establishing a properly written workplace violence policy, employers can help protect themselves from various forms of liability. One form of liability is in lost workdays. These days are lost due to domestic situations or workplace injuries stemming from violence. Absences from work can add up to substantial costs to employers. Employers can be sued by not providing a safe work environment for their employees. Employers have higher worker's compensation costs due to workplace violence situations. An employer can be sued for negligence, especially if...