Workplace Domestic Violence

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Workplace Domestic Violence DIAGNOSIS The following report outlines the immediate need for a domestic violence protocol for employees working in the District Attorney's Office. The goal is to implement a zero tolerance standard with regard to threats and violent behavior in the workplace. This policy includes, threats, violent behavior, direct, indirect, implied or actual, from any person, and directed toward any person, occurring at this county facility or in connection with the conduct of business without regard to location.

PERSCRIPTION Recently, a security breech occurred evoking the need to implement immediately a protocol for employees to follow in cases of work place domestic violence. The urgent matter involved a female employee within the building who was being stalked and suffering ongoing domestic abuse from her estranged husband. This employee failed to notify her supervisors as of a possible threat to her and to the location of her office. Thus placing herself as well as the other 400 county employees in possible harms way.

The incident unfolded when the female employees supervisor noticed that she was crying while talking on the telephone. The supervisor called the worker in to his office and began to see if he could be of assistance. The employee revealed that she had been the victim of domestic violence and the abuse is ongoing now in the form of stalking by her estranged husband.

Workplace Domestic Violence 3 The most recent violation of the restraining order was a few minutes prior when he called her at work and threatened to kill her if she didn't return home. She asked the supervisor to keep the information in confidence, as she was embarrassed about her current situation and didn't want anyone else to know what was occurring. She also added that she felt she was safe and didn't...