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Wicked Negative experiences greatly impact. In the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire, Elphaba, the protagonist, encountered many negative events from the day she was born until she the day she died. The traumatic events in Elphaba's life helped shape her radical political ideals.

The day Elphaba was born, she was cursed. Elphaba was born to Frex and Melena. Frex was a very religious preacher and her mother Melena was a lonely promiscuous woman. Melena had hoped for a baby boy, but instead she delivered a baby girl. Before Elphaba was born, the time dragon clock predicted that there would be the birth of a witch; Elphaba was born on that exact day and time. She was also born with skin a moss green and her teeth were razor sharp.

She also had a great fear of water. The way Elphaba turned out made her parents feel as if Elphaba was a sort of punishment.

This experience impacted Elphaba tremendously. She was born an outcast. She did not belong anywhere and she was not like the other kids. It would be extremely hard not to grow up with friends, not to be able to socialize. She must have felt overwhelmingly sad to see other kids playing and her being alone. Being an outcast as a little child can have a very negative impact on the way one will view life.

Elphaba was neglected as a child. She was not liked by her parents, especially after Melena had a second child, Nessarose, who was not green and was very attractive. Nessorose was paralyzed from helping herself as she was born with no arms. This caused Melena and Frex to pay more attention to her than they ever did to Elphaba. Since Nessorose could not do anything herself, Elphaba became her...