Why you shouldnt go to college.

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There are a few reasons not to go to college, and they are contrary to secular teaching and belief.

one of the most obvious reasons not to go to college is financial. going to college depletes your parents financial resorces, as well as your own, even with a scholarship, there are better things to spend your money on. it is time consuming, a basic degree can take four years, and if you want to become a doctor, vet, or lawyer, you could be in school for eight years or more.

the next reason not to go to college, is that it is'nt (in most cases) needed. think about it, if you really know what you want to be, then there is nothing wrong with becoming aprentenced as a mechanic, electrition, etc. and getting started. there are several profesions that you really need a degree for, any thing that you might need to take a bar exam for, such as doctors, lawyers or vets.

many of the jobs people want, really dont require a college education. there are hundreds of jobs out there that are like this, the college degree is'nt needed, but the experiance is, if you spent the time you would have been in college learning about the profesion you want to be in, and geting trained in it,then you will have more experiance, and be making more money in just a few years than someone who just got out of college.

college is in my opinion somthing that slows down getting your life started, why not just get going, you could work really hard, learn as much as you can, and then start you own business, using the money you would have spent on college on a house, business, etc. i know doctors whou have succesful practices, but...