Why I Want To Be A Occupational Therapist

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The health related career that interests me the most is an Occupational Therapist. I choose this career because they help people regain their ability to do something that they used to do.

My personality suits this career because I love to work with people and I like to teach people things. I believe that I have the ability to teach people to do things that they can't do. I think that I have the ability to help people and give them the extra push to help them take a step or to use their silverware. I think that would make me suited to become an Occupational Therapist.

This career might conflict with my personality because sometimes I loose patients with things and I don't like to go at a slow pace. I like to jump right into things and right out of things. I like to get things done quick just to get them over with.

All that can be changed though. If a person can learn to walk all over again then I can learn to be patient with people and things.

I would prepare to be a Occupational Therapist by first getting my grades up in high school and then continuing school by going to college to get my degree in this field of business. I would try my hardest to be the best student and after that to be the best therapist that money can buy.

Some of the many benefits of becoming an Occupational Therapist is that you get to work with people, you get to help people with their problems, and the job in my eyes pays pretty well. I really cannot think of any risks of becoming an Occupational Therapist because there really isn't any unless people drive you crazy.

These are the...