Why i take life seriously

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Learning to take life seriously has been an interesting journey for me. My life started out basically as a vacation. I began traveling the United States in the back seat of my moms Buick at the age of four. From surfing the bright windy beaches of southern California, to panning for gold in the quiet unpopulated backwoods streams of New Hampshire, along with hundreds of popular tourist attractions, there are very few places that I have not been or seen. Even though it may seem like an enjoyable way to experience the beginning of life there were many misfortunes to this life style. After traveling for about ten years my parents decided that it was time to settle down in one location, try to be a family, and teach me what life was all about.

I started my education at the age of 14, in Remsen, NY, a small town located in the foothills of the Adirondacks, consisting of long country roads, street lights about every five miles or so, and dairy farms scattered about the country side.

The central high school had a graduating class of 24 students. With no prior experience in being in a controlled environment, attending school was difficult for me. Sitting still at a desk taking instruction from a teacher was utterly painful for me, after all my life had consisted of wandering, seeing, touching, experiencing life, not reading about it, or hearing about it, but living it. I was bored, irritated, looking for more out of my day than listening, reading, and most of all writing. I opted for an experience of amusement rather then education and became the class clown. I would disturb teachers while they tried to teach class, I would make noise, pass notes, and interrupt them with silly questions...