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What is not a problem facing any college student today? That is, probably, an easier and much shorter question to answer. We have many problems as students today. We have problems in school, at work, in our families, etc. We are constantly told what to do or to not do. We are told what and who to be. We are constantly thrown problems without solutions.

Many students are constantly stressed about everything. As if finding ourselves isn't hard enough, now we have fashion and work to think about among many other things. Many students feel as if they are being sucked into a vacuum that is inescapable. How are students supposed to get experience for jobs if employers won't hire without it? How are we supposed to know what we want to be if we are all stereotyped as a generation of underachievers? So it is very hard to be able to choose only one problem in a teenager-adult's life! So let's see"¦ Many people don't believe in the family anymore.

Who would blame them? Seriously, in today's "modern"� world, with computers, cell phones, and everyone's basic material "needs"�, who really needs family? We don't need any special "bonds."� Who needs affection when you can choose an emotion from numerous faces on the screen of your computer? Who needs love when you can go and watch it, without a hassle, in the movie theater at the corner? Who needs creativity when you listen to it on your portable Discman? Who needs the common thirst for knowledge when it is right there on your television screen? The best one is who needs an imagination when it is already playing for you visually everywhere from your cell phone to your computer? Who needs patience when you are either working all day...