Why the relationship between marketer and customer is more and more important?

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I Background

Nowadays, new products will not be put into operation rashly before the manufacturers get the respondents and potential clients' satisfaction through questionnaires which are about the ideas for the products, including such designed questions like: Whether the respondents like the product or not; if the product is in the market, whether the respondents will be interested in it and take it; what the respondents suggest; whether the product needs some improvements... Those questions indicate that the sellers are care about the buyers' needs and feelings. It is suggested that the manufacturers have been paying more and more attention to the customers' requirements and needs.? In this essay, I am going to explain the reasons why the relationships between buyers and sellers increase to be so important.

II Historical Developing Reason and the Process of Forming Marketing Concept

General Statement

According to a book named the Essentials of Marketing: Text and Cases, it states that many companies experience two stages of business orientation before coming to the marketing concept.

Even nowadays there are three types of company: production-oriented, sales-oriented and marketing-oriented.

Production-Oriented Company

Firstly, let's look into the production-oriented companies which emerged in the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth century. During that period, firms did not pay attention to and ignore the needs of the customers. Instead of that, they just concentrated on production and productive efficiency. The manufacturers are short-sighted, because that kind of way to run business is easy to lose customers. It is surprised to see that at present, there are some companies still pay little regard to the clients' requirements. Under this situation, customers will not buy the products if they cannot get what they really want. If the products cannot be sold, there are only two possibilities: one is customers are...