Why Was Martin Luther The Catalyst For The Reformation

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Why was Martin Luther the Catalyst for the Reformation? To Answer ""One must consider 2) The Process of Nation Building Political Development Economic Struggle Social Frustration Cultural Development Technological Advancement 160 Years Earlier 1382, John Wycliffe presents many of Luther's radical ideas.

1411, John Huss presents similar philosophical religious changes.

Philosophical Changes that Challenge the Church The true head of he church was Jesus Christ not the pope Like Jesus and his disciples, the clergy, or Church officials, should not own land or wealth.

The Bible alone- Not the pope-was the final authority for Christian faith.

Radical Ideas ""The timing was wrong - Why To be Humble before God meant not to boast and ignorance meant piety to many.

So-What exactly is the Problem? The experiment of Nation Building cause the "apple cart" of life to wobble, tip and spill a few apples.

Economic stability changed Taxes go up High Inflation "" Age of Exploration High unemployment Politics changed To Increase Taxes the people demand "Representation" (The rise of democratic ideas) Campaigning for Government jobs causes corruption.

Cultural ideas changed The Renaissance Movement changes mankind's ideas about himself and their relationship to God.

This does not mean god is not significant to the peoples lives.

WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BLAME FOR YOUR TROUBLES? Where is THEIR heart? Social Institutions are blamed for the new difficulties in life. Martin Luther exposes the corruption of the Church SPIRITUALLY ECONOMICALLY Martin Luther The Protestant Reformation builds on John Wycliffe and John Huss ideas but adds Salvation by faith alone Technology Advanced The Gutenberg Press- movable type The Time was Right for Martin Luther Economic strife made people stand up and listen The need for taxes and the building of a nation spirit (patriotism) gave rise to more democratic ideas.

The heart...