Why do women fail to fulfill their potential in management?

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Kazakhstan has rather developed and democratic understanding of women's right compared with other Muslim countries. Equality of the men and women was actively implemented and developed in times of Soviet Union. At that time woman became more active in social life and even competed with man in many spheres. Nowadays, women are engaged in all spheres of social life and are very successful in business. There are number of them holding top official positions in the Government. There is Association of Business Women under the President of RK, called to support and promote initiative women in their business.

However, we still may notice some inequalities and sexual discrimination women face when they try to get a job or would like to be promoted. For example, while being interviewed, woman have to answer personal questions such as "Are you married?" or "Are you going to marry?" and are judged by marital status rather than by other skills.

It is accepted that preference is given to mail part of the staff when it comes to promotion, though, I can't agree with this statement. I know lot's of women that hold different levels of managerial positions in different sectors of economy. Nina Zhusupova - chairman of Kazkommertsbank, leading bank in Central Asian region, has started her career as usual accountant of the bank. Zagipa Baliyeva - chairman of the Elections Committee of Republic of Kazakhstan, started her career as an ordinary lawyer in administration of Almaty City. These are just bright examples of women's potential career in business and politics. Woman - leader is considered to be more soft and delicate manager, at the same time she can be more demanding than mail manager towards subordinates.

Another element of sexual discrimination comes from mentality, the idea that woman shouldn't work must bring...