Why Do All The Black Kids Sit Together In The Cafeteria

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After reading my book for the Book Epxerience that is like you, I have learned more than I thought I would. Why Do All the Black Kids Sit Together in the Cafeteria? by ----------------- shows the steps that not only black but white kids too go through when finding their racial identity.

The reason why the black kids sit together is because they The main idea in it that was no shock to me but shocking to see on paper is the idea of "White Privlege." This concept is that white people, for hundreds of years, without realizing it, have had it easier because they are white. It's hard to explain this to white people who haven't had the chance to experience it consciously because they wouldn't understand. A black person however does understand if another black person tells them about the discrimination they have encountered because it's obvious.

White Privalge is not so obvious. For example, how would you feel telling someone, who may not be racist, but has been oblivious to the negatives and positives of being a certain race that they have gotten out of speeding tickets, been promoted, been offered loans without many questions, have not been followed in the mall all because they are white. I know that many white people would be offended. They would feel that the hard work they've accomplished and the positions they have received were because of what they did not because of the color they are. For black people, they can't help but blame the things that happen to them on their race and that's something any black person can realate to .