Why Art Serves Many Functions

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To say that art serves no function is absurd. Art is a function of everyday life. First of all, art holds a function to its creator. Art can be expressed through clothing, home décor, expression, housing, food, jewelry, and religion just to name a few. Architects, clothing designers, even landscapers rely on art to supply their income. Other artists like painters, photographers, and chefs earn a living through their expression of art. Why would art be created just so it could exist for its own sake? Art doesn't decide its own function; its creator does. When one thinks of an artist the initial thought would be about painters, sculptors, and photographers. Yes, all of these people create art for display in museums or shows in order for the public to see them and possibly purchase them.

There are many things in day to day life that one normally wouldn't consider that can be art.

Think about a time when you dined at an elegant restaurant. When your food was served, was it just thrown on the plate in disarray or was it presented in a specific arrangement? Most chefs pride themselves not only on how their food tastes, but also on the presentation itself. The entire thought process that goes into a house or apartment is based around art. An architect collaborates to design the structure. On the interior the floorings, walls and appliances are also a part of the design as a whole. The homeowner then fills it with their own personal touch of art décor ranging from pictures on the wall to the couches and draperies.

Art also serves a function through the items we wear. A designer puts creativity into the clothing fabric so we have the ability to choose the types of clothes for...