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Watership Down, written by Richard Adams, was originally a story created for the author's children during a trip to Straford, which was later on expanded in to a novel. Under the fictional category, this novel does indeed contain many reflections of the modern society, human characteristics and also history. The settings of this novel are all based on real locations in the town of Newbury, located in England. Base of real locations, the book will seem more realistic and more interesting. The rabbits in this novel symbolize human and adventurous actually represents the zoomed out version of our world.

The story begins with a notice board that reads, "This ideally situated estate, comprising six acres of excellent building land, is to be developed with high class modern residences by Sutch and Martin, Limited, of Newbury, Berks". The notice board is near the warren of a group of rabbits, which includes the main character of the book.

One of the main characters, Fiver, is believed to have telepathic sense of thing that will happen in the near future, most likely to be very accurate. Fiver is right, as proven by the sign which all rabbits can't read. Some of Fiver's and Hazel's, Fiver's older brother, friends trusted the sense of Fiver and followed them out of the warren after the rejection by the chief rabbit concerning about sense of the danger.

The action of the Chief rabbit is indeed reasonable and in fact, it often appears in our society. This is more similar to a communalist country in our world. The President of a country will make the decision of any event that is to happen, and set up the rules/laws without the input of the citizen by voting, et cetera. No matter how much effort a...