War Over Kashmir

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Kashmir is a region located in South Asia, bordering Pakistan and India. The disputer over Kashmir started in 1947, when the British colonies withdrew from South Asia and separted India and Pakistan. (Fighting for Kashmir) Both the countries of Pakistan and India claim that Kashmir should be part of their borders. However, Pakistan has the right to claim Kashmir because of the majority of the religious population, India's violation of the soverignty of Kashmir as well as certain agreements they made with the United Nations, and India's violation of human rights of the people of Kashmir. (The Problems) If any country should receive Kashmir, Pakistan's claims should entitle it to the country.

When the British partitioned India and Pakistan, they did it by the majority of the religion in each area, where India has a population of mostly Hindu and Pakistan mostly Muslim. Under these conditions, Kashmir should have gone directly to Pakistan becasue it is over 60% Muslim.

(Q & A: Kashmi Dispute) However, the then Maharaja, Hari Singh, decided to sign over key powers to India. This was only in return for military aid. This tactiv resulted in an Indian-Paki war in later 1947. (Fighting Over Kashmir)

Follwing this war were two more in which the last war produced the Simla Agreement involving the United Nations. This agreement stated that if Pakistan and India should have another conflict over Kashmir, then it must be done under peaceful terms and bilateral negotiations. (The Simla Agreement) In 1977, India violated this agreement when it took upone itself to implement a new state constitution for Kashmir, which incorporated it to be part of the Indian Union. When the citizens of Kashmir began to protest (along with those under Pakistan and the United Nations), India turned agressive. Because of this, India...