The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs The War on Drugs has been around for nearly 30 years. We still continue to crack down on drug use and drug smuggling. But is the system working. The untied states is the biggest merchant ground for drug users and smugglers. Our society is addicted. The penalty for using drugs in not harsh at all. If we don't change our laws then drugs will take over our society. Or we can legalize some drugs, and sell them in a state owned drug store. We will always have drugs, so why doesn't our society get something out of the drugs. We have worked so long to try and keep drugs out of our society and we have not seen major results. Still people are using drugs and we need to do something about it.

In the late 1960's Washington D.C was the crime capital of the U.S.

Our own nations capital was the crime capital of our nation, how bad does that look and reflect on our society. President Nixon was elected and launched his "War on Drugs"�. Nixon did this by adding 1000 new police. This crime situation was a stem from drugs. Forty Four percent of the people in the D.C jail tested positive for heroin. Something had to be done and fast. Dr. Primm, a treatment specialist, developed a methadone maintenance program. Then along came Dr. Jaffe, who proposed a National Methadone Maintenance Program. His strategy was a national network of methadone clinics. Crime then dramatically reduced, and one year after the meth program was instated, burglary was down 41 percent.

The biggest problem is the smuggling of drugs across our borders. One of the main reasons we have all the drug smuggling is the drug cartel. The Cartels were mainly located in...