The War Against The Jews

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The War against the Jews I am introducing the book, "The War against the Jews"�. This book was written by Lucy S. Dawidowicz, and tells the complete story of Hitlerism and exactly what it was like.

Adolf Hitler was the man who started the controversy over the Germans and the Jews. Not only did Hitler plan to conquer the Jews; he also planned to conquer the whole world bye killing off those who were simply different. Time went on as Hitler killed more and more people, he developed a sort of liking in killing those who didn't have blue eyes or blonde hair which he considered to be normal. Even though he killed many, his target was mainly Jews. Hitler started creating camps which were called Concentration Camps, these camps would make Jews strip all their clothes off and they would put them in rooms were acid would start to pour out of shower heads.

Another way Hitler kept the Jews under control was little towns called Ghettos. These Ghettos would keep the Jews inside walls and would keep them working, so these Ghettos were like prisons.

Throughout the 13 years that this was going on, no one or nothing could seem to stop Hitler, killing people left and right made people afraid of him and even worse mad him more and more powerful each day. Hitlerism started many other rebellions such as the Ku Klux Klan (K.K.K), which still goes on till this day, and many others that led to violence, crime, and most of the time even death. The modern state that carried out the systematic murder of all people was the start of the Nazi Holocaust.

The New revolution of Germans had many different names: Nazism Holocaust, Hitlerism Holocaust, The War Against The Jews, but...