I wandered lonely as a Cloud by Wordsworth

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This poem is one of the most important ballads written by Wordsworth because it's a clear example of the main topics of the Romantic poetry in England. In fact it deals with the inspiration given to the poet by nature and imagination.

The poem is made up of four stanzas of six lines each. Lines haven't always same length; they follow the alternate rhyme pattern.

Style is mainly descriptive but it is also narrative, especially in the beginning of the poem where the poet introduces the setting. Main theme is the poetic inspiration given him by Nature and also the role of imagination. Everything is told and described with a clear calm and stillness, also with an emphatic tone which is a representation of the close relationship between poet and nature.

The first stanza fixes the setting; the poet is walking along a path on a hill beside a lake, covered by tress's shadows.

He's alone and looks at daffodils. Time and subject are given by the second stanza, which gives the reader a description of the huge mass of daffodils shocked along the lake shore. Flowers seem to be uncountable like stars put at night. Waves from the lake and also daffodils give a strong feeling of joy and pure happiness. Last stanza introduces a different scene. Poet is imagined to be reflecting and remembering what he had seen before on the hill. Daffodils seem to come back towards him.

The language device most used among the poem is the personification of daffodils, which can be seen in the use of verbs like flittering, dancing, ... and some other nouns like dance, heads, ... referred to flowers. This is a clear example of the role of imagination. The metaphorical language is used to color the daffodils vision beside...