Voice Recognition--Fantasy or Reality? Tech Paper

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Executive Summary

In today's busy manufacturing environment, Executives, and their Assistants are always looking at efficient ways of completing daily tasks. The problem we chose to resolve is present in many of today's fast paced offices.

The role of Executive Secretaries is changing in business. Not only is the Executive Secretary present to assist in daily activities, but also has been empowered to make decisions in the business environment. Many of these Assistants work long, stressful hours and are just as consumed in their responsibilities as the Executives themselves.

With this in mind, we set out to research the use of Voice Recognition Software programs in a business environment. In the following report we will discuss the basis of voice recognition and provide suggestions and a strong commitment to changing the way business in currently done in many offices.

With solid dedication from the Executives, their Assistants, and the Information Technology Department these systems CAN work.

Our business environment should be an ever changing, progressive environment with a solid foundation. Voice Recognition is just one example of how a business can move forward with a reasonable inexpensive advanced technology helping them along the way.

The Business Environment

The business environment of this company is a very fast paced manufacturing firm. Executive Secretaries are the right hand people of the executive staff. There are four Executive Secretaries to help the eight management executives. Their duties range from scheduling meetings, typing correspondence, answering telephones and voice mail, several special projects, to helping the executives by keeping them informed of daily operations.

In other words, if the appropriate executive is not available the next best person to get the job done is their Executive Secretary. The workload is tremendous and often times very confidential.

With this in mind, the Executive Secretaries are quite...