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Vituperative- containing or characterized by verbal abuse.

Teachers can use a Vituperative tone with children.

Apprehensive-fearful worried.

The mother was apprehensive about her child when she had been gone for 3 hours.

Surreptitious- to gain by being self-cunning or deceit.

The man running for mayor was very surreptitious.

Epicure- sensitive or discriminating tastes, tastes in terms of food or beverage.

The wine taster had a very epicure look to him.

Vacillate- to waver in mind, will or felling.

The sensitive man vacillated in his feeling over the movie.

Respite- to break or rest, to rest.

The old man had to respite after 10 min of walking.

Sebaceous-fatty; secreting fat The pimple was Sebaceous.

Drone-to talk on and on in a dull way, to sustain a single note.

The teacher droned on and on to the class.

Yonder-being at a distance but usually in sight.

The house was over yonder.

Adumbrate-described vaguely, given an indistinct resemblance.

The woman could only give a Adumbrate description of the robber.

Tocsin- a alarm or an alarm bell any sign of warning.

The fire bell posed as a tocsin.

Refulgence- to shine brightly The sun is a Refulgent object.

Ego- a sense of the self.

Scott has a big ego.

Fastidious-overly critical.

Mr. Gika is Fastidious over our homework Abode- the place were one abides.

The camp was our abode for the summer.

Maunder- to move about slowly with irratition.

The old man maundered around.

Pedagogy art of teaching usually children My pre-school teacher is a pedagogy.

Querulous-complaining or irritable.

people at school are Querulous.

Stagnant- something that's not moving.

The road kill was stagnant.