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VERTIGO The film is about a man, who is a retired detective, Scott Ferguson( Johnny ). One of his friends wants him to chase after his wife, Madline, whom Scott thinks that she is ill and wants to commit suicide. Scott fells in love with her, but because of his vertigo illness ( acrofoby ), he can not stop her of commiting suicide. After a time he sees a woman, who looks like Madline very much and realises that she is Judy Barten. With his friend Geben Ester, they make a plan of killing the real Madline ( the wife of Geben ) . In the end, Judy also dies in the same place where Madline dies and Scott escapes from his illness, acrofoby.

The film is about a passionate love for a woman and Scott's vertigo is not only for his illness but also for the passion of his strong love.

In the first scene, film begins with the vertigo figures, graphics about vertigo, very strong headache; and all the colours ( especially red colour ) , musics, all of them signify vertigo. We have the same action in psycho in murder scene. Graphics start with the eye of James Steward, turn and come to the protogonist's eye again; like in psycho. Music takes very important place in all the scenes of the films. The same composer, Bernard Herman and the same actor, James Steward are used in the film. Again in the first scene, the polices chase after a man and we see the acrofoby of Steward and the scene finishes.

Second scene is in the house of Scott's girl friend's ( Mech) flat. With the conversations of the two, we can easily understand that Johnny becomes a retired detective, because of his acrofoby. Mech is an...