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Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy? Would you say that Paul's giggling is normal or unusual? I think that it isn't very common to laugh at someone's death. People usually mourn over someone's death, especially a friend.

Paul giggled instead of crying for his friend's death. The main reason I think that he was giggling was because he was getting delirious from not having enough sleep, being in a war, and seeing people die. He couldn't take being scared anymore and when he thought about Billy getting scared to death he giggled. He kept giggling and giggling. Other soldiers were trying to get Paul to stop before someone would hear them. Despite there efforts he kept on. It finally ended when another soldier smothered him till he quite.

Giggling isn't always a good thing to do in a war, but I guess Paul could not help it. Everything just overwhelmed him.

Marine Corps Issue Do you think it is better to talk about a terrible experience or to remain silent about it? I think that staying silent is the worst thing you can do. You should always talk to a friend or relative if you have had a terrible experience.

If you have had a horrible or bad experience you should tell someone you know. You don't want it to bottle up inside and make you mean, mad, or regretful. If you tell someone you can get another opinion on the subject and a different outlook on it. Sometimes people might not want to talk about it because it might embarrass or even bring back the memories. Regardless of how it might make you feel you should always talk to someone about it.

If you have a terrible experience you should talk to a psychiatrist or a friend about...