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VAN DA GRAPH When the Van DA graph machine was started, we observed that the India rubber belt began to move quickly and it created friction, which created a charge. The charges became separated; the positive charge was transferred into the ground, while the negative charge was transferred into the sphere. We observed that there was now a fairly strong electric field around the sphere. When the Aluminum ball was brought near the big sphere, one was able to see an electric spark between the two spheres. We then put a pale upside down, which Mr. Hoffman stood on; the sphere was uncharged. Mr. Hoffman then put his hand on the sphere, and the sphere was recharged, after a few seconds his hair began to stick up. He then touched the sink and a crackle was heard. When Ms. Saylor did the same she touched Caleb's ear and he let everyone know he had been slightly shocked.

Though this milk pale experience we were show that we transferred the charge through us. We next brought a pith ball next to the charged sphere; it reacted very strongly to the sphere. Yet we the surrounded the pith ball by a metal cage. The ball did not move, and there was no reaction.