By Using the spy genre, the appeals have been compared between spy films seeing what has changed.

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From the first Bond film produced to the spy cinema of today, the codes and conventions have changed from the secretive spying dramas to explosive all action flicks more related to the spy genre. By analyzing the exotic location, sense of adventure and deconstruction of societies rules it can be said that the codes and conventions have changed.

In all spy films you get to go to exotic locations, which started from the early bond films and are still prominent in movies such as "Mission Impossible" and "True Lies". In the film "Dr. No" you get to go to Jamaica which sets a very seductive laid back island feel. Exotic locations have been sustained within the genre over the years, like in the 1996 movie, "Mission Impossible", where you get to go to locations which include London, Prague, Europe, Spain and France and in the more recent 1994 film, "True Lies" with Arnold, you get to visit Florida Keys with is an exotic holiday location.

A film with a spy and lots of action is not a spy flick, without a sense of adventure. In the first bond film "Dr. No", the sense of adventure was always relevant. One of the scenes being when Bond meets Honey Ryder on the tropical beach and they have to escape from the henchmen, and use tactics like using bamboo sticks to breath under water to hide from the enemy which creates a sense of adventure.

In present day spy films like "Mission Impossible" that sense of adventure is still there in scenes like when Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his group try to retrieve the NOC list from the well protected room with the computer with the files on it.

The deconstruction of society's rules is important in...