The Use Of Primates In Medical Research

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Primate Research and its Faults "It is one reason why the issue of animal research is such a haunting one. It forces us to see what we would rather not"�(Blum 2). Animal research or experimentation has been occurring in laboratories throughout the world for centuries. Animals' used as a model of humans for experimentations is an age-old idea and had long been a favorite practice of research for many physicians in the field. The general public has often been in support of these practices because they have been informed that the modeling of animals for humans works, and the test performed on these animals are not cruel and are done in a humane manner. I am going to show you the contrary, the truth. The use of primates in medical research is morally unethical and does not efficiently progress the medical field.

The ethical nature of primate experimentation has been long debated as to whether or not it stands as a necessary element for humanity.

After all, the primary -- if not only -- reason animals are utilized in laboratory tests is to further the interests of mankind, often without the least bit of concern for the animals who forfeit their lives in exchange for medical, cosmetic and household product advancements. The simple fact is that experiments on lab monkeys are carried out in an inhumane manner, to a degree that the brutality cannot be justified. Not long ago American researchers could go through 200,000 monkeys a year, without question (Blum 47). That is an alarming number of primates to use when, "Of 63 primate species in Asia "" where most research monkeys come from "" only one is not listed as vulnerable"�(47). Many of the experiments that I have come across in my research seem to be unreasonable and...