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One night this little girl found her mother sitting outside on their front porch staring up at the stars, not looking around at all of the stars just staring at one particular spot in the sky. So she asked her mother, "Why are you always staring up at the stars in the sky." She told her daughter, "I am looking up at a certain constellation (a group of stars together that make a picture), in the sky that has a special meaning to me from when I was your age." Her daughter asked, "Why does that constellation had a special meaning to you and what it a picture of." She told her daughter, "It is the picture of a Unicorn. I will tell you the story from when I was a little girl and why I think that the Unicorn is now a constellation."

"When I was about your age I was out playing in the woods like I always did.

Well this day I got lost and didn't know how to get back home. As it was starting to get dark I came to this open field that I had never seen before or even knew of it being there. So I just started walking across it hoping that it would lead me out of the woods, but I wasn't for sure. Then all of a sudden I saw this glowing light, not knowing what it was I followed it. As I got almost next to it I was able to make out what it was from, which of course was the Unicorn. It scared me so I ran, but it followed me lighting my path. As I got back to the edge of the woods I ran into a coyote, I was scared and I didn't know...