The Ultimate Sacrifice

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The Ultimate Sacrifice A Tale of Two Cities starts out on a road between London and Dover. Three strangers are traveling and are stopped by a messenger. One of the men gets down to greet him. He gave him a message to meet Miss Lucie in Dover the following day. He goes and she tells him about her "dead father" and pretty much tells him her whole life story. The man (Mr. Lorry) had worked for her father in years past. He tells her that her father isn't really dead but is in prison. He takes her to see him. It has been so long that he doesn't even recognize his own daughter. She takes him away to England, and on the way she meets a young man named Charles Darnay. The time jumps ahead by five years and the story opens this time in a courtroom. The trial is over the transfer of the father.

Mr. Darnay is found not guilty. A barrel of wine is knocked over in the street and a child gets hit by a carriage. The man who hit the young boy is the Marquis. Darnay and Lucie begin to court. Yet another man by the name of Sydney Carton tries to win her away from Darnay. Lucie and Darnay were to be married. The following day there was a massive battle (the attack on the Bastille). The French Revolution had begun. Darnay was captured and was going to be put to death. He stood trial for being an emigrant, and the decree at the time was all were to be put to death. He is set free. Yet he has to go back to trial. Some papers are found relating him to the storming of the Bastille; he is put in jail. He goes on trial once again, but this time he is found guilty and is to be executed. Then a young man by the name of Carton takes the place of Darnay and died for him.