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UK-SAS Special Air Service The rise of the international terrorism in the 1970's convinced western government to develop specialist units to counter such the Britain turn to the 22nd SAS regiment and formed the "Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing" with specific tasks in intelligence, rapid response and anti-terrorist operations. These brave and bold men out on rescue missions to help keep our society that we live in safe. They are an elite-fighting group that keeps their soldier status to a very top secret. They are well known for a rescue mission done in 1998, the rescue of the ambassador of Britain. The mission was successful and these teams of highly trained soldiers were rewarded with purple hearts (the highest honor that a soldier can be awarded). Not only for this mission are they known for, but also others are World War 2. They helped many soldiers fight against the Germans.

They use many different tactics in their missions, as well as using different team members and different weapons. Their mission tactics would differ from mission to mission, if a rescue mission, the team would attack more silently and more swiftly, but in an assault mission, the team would be more ruthless and take out as many of the enemy as possible. Their team members vary from assaulters, who go out first in line equipped with MP5, Bennelli XM-57, or other appropriate rifles fit for the job. Next there is reconnaissance. They are usually equipped with light guns that will kill quickly and silently. These are usually silenced handguns, or the very popular silenced uzi-submachinegun. The recon is usually backed by assault. Finally there is the sniper class. They are equipped with a PSG 1 with scope. They sit in a corner or on a surrounding building so they can take out the enemy from afar and keep their assaulting teammates some backup. To be a sniper you need a steady hand so you don't miss your chance to wipe out the enemy with total accuracy to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their assaulting and recon teammates. A sniper is also very demanding on the target practice range, only the best-of-the-best can make it through the training course and become an elite UK-SAS soldier. The headquarters are probably located somewhere in England, but no one is sure, and its status has been kept very top secret for many generations.

To become a UK-SAS soldier, you have to first do service in the army. After you achieve a high status in the army, the SAS may ask you to offer your services for them. There are many different anti terrorist factions. Some of these counter-terrorist factions are: US-NAVY SEALS, French GIGN, German GSG-9, and the UK-SAS. The UK-SAS in my opinion is the best trained combat soldiers, because they have so many successful mission on their name. UK-SAS is a global counter-terrorist fraction, so they have missions in every country on Earth. The UK-SAS have the top snipers in the world, and because of that, many of their missions are to use silent and deadly approach with the use of a lot of sniper back up. To conclude this essay I will tell you why the UK-SAS motto is "who dares wins". They have this motto to encourage their soldiers to dare out and be brave, and they will succeed in what they are doing.