A typical Englishman's week

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A typical working Englishman gets up at 7 a.m., takes a shower, dresses up and has a quick breakfast usually consisting of toast and jam, or cornflakes with milk. He leaves home at about 8 o`clock in the morning so as not to be late to his work. He usually works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but he has an hour`s break for lunch at 12 noon. He spends it in the nearest pub or a fast-food restaurant gossiping with colleagues and having some light meal. A typical Englishman comes back home at about half past five and has dinner with his family.

In the evening, he usually watches TV or goes for a walk with his pet. He also likes to drop into a local pub for a pint of beer. Pubs in Britain are said to be an unofficial meeting sites - a kind of clubs, where a working Englishman can relax, listen to music, play darts, bar billiards, discuss politics, weather and some local affairs with his friends.

On Saturday morning, the Englishman traditionally does the shopping for the whole week to come. He usually goes to local supermarkets or drives to shopping complexes outside the town where he is able to buy products cheaper and at one place. During the day he spends a lot of time moving the grass and growing flowers or vegetables in the garden. In the late afternoon he usually goes to the cinema, vistit friends or spends some leisure hours in a club. The club for sport or hobbies serves the Englishman`s desire to associate and to share his particular passion with others.

On Sunday, the Englishman takes his closest family to come seaside town to bath and to have some fun. The most frequently visited places are: Brighton...