The Twisted Fate, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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In William Shakespeare'sThe Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, one of his most famous plays, two youngsters have been fooled by their miserable fates. Their encounter is a predestined mistake that they cannot rectify after they have fallen in love with each other. With the assistance of two foolish helpers, two ignorant children rush to their deaths. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story that represents how people's choices affect their lives and unpredictability of human's destinies.

Coincidence hints at Romeo and Juliet's tragic destiny. Romeo, the only son of old Montague, is a lovesick young boy who is looking for true love, but he has been rejected by young lady Rosaline. Romeo's heavy heart is full of darkness and depression. His cousin Benvolio attempts to cheer him up, but Romeo is so doleful that he says he will never be interested in any other girl. On the other hand, Juliet, the precious daughter of old Capulet, does not even know her parents have already planned her marriage to Paris.

These two children seem be worlds apart because of the feud between their own families. However, something abnormal has been set up fatefully between them. Capulet, the head of household, master of Juliet, would like Count Paris who is his future son-in-law to meet Juliet before marrying her. It still seems like nothing is going to happen between them, but Capulet never knows what a profound choice he makes when he gives the invitations to a servant who is illiterate. The servant is forced to ask somebody for help. Nothing would ever occur to the boy and girl has he never met or asked Romeo. Moody Romeo is dragged to the ball, discovers Juliet's beauty, and then completely abandons his "once true love", Tybalt, a bad-tempered man, is...