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According to Websters Dictionary the definition of a tourist is "a person who is traveling or visiting a place for recreation" (726). This is however not always the case. One place that illistrates this is Bangkok, the captial city of the Kingdom of Thiland. At a quick glance this seems like an ideal place to vistit, offering a wide range events for every kind of tourist. Offering everything for the sun seeking individual to the adventure, thrill seeking tourist.

Tourism is a rapidly growing industry in this developing country, it has a wide range of activities to offer. However, there are unforseen events that take place in Bangkok that every tourist should be aware of. There is a secret world in which no one that visits that country is safe. These unforseen events are not advertised in travel brochers. The strict policies in which many tourists are not aware of put them in great danger.

Bangkok's governmental system is strict and excludes no one. If one visits this country they have to be aware of the way the city opertates. It is very different from what is preseumed as traditional vacationing spots located in such areas as Europe and the United States.

As for any country there are negative aspects that are linked to Bangkok, however if one is a cautious traveller, it can indeed be an experience of a lifetime it is a city that is an ideal tourist destination for many.

In order to fully understand this country one must be aware of the globalization, geographical imaginiation and landscape that influences Bangkok.

According to Professer Lisa Campbell who provided the following definitions for globalization, geographical imaginination and landsacpe these are the three key themes that are linked to tourism.

The theme globalization is...