Total Customer Experience Case Study: Optus Mobile Phone Services

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Master of Marketing

Managing Customer Relationships

Total Customer Experience Case Study:

Optus Mobile Phone Services


Part 1: Brand Experiences ---------------------------------------------3

Part 2: customer Experiences ----------------------------------------6

Part 3: Customer dialogue --------------------------------------------10

Appendix ------------------------------------------------------------------15

References ----------------------------------------------------------------17

Part 1: Brand Experiences

Mobile phones and mobile phone service has become a highly competitive and increasingly mature business around the world. Customers are more and more demanding as mobile phones are turning into commodity, a status symbol and a lifestyle statement. The mobile market is one of the high growth areas in the Australian telecommunications market. In mid-1999 Australia had a mobile telephone penetration rate of around 33 per cent with about 6.5 million mobile customers. It has been estimated that the mobile telephone penetration rate is likely to reach 40 to 45 per cent by the year 2001/2002 (that is, 8 to 9 million customers) which will be shared mainly by Telstra, Vodaphone, Optus, Orange, AAPT and so on(ACCC).

Among this crowded market, Optus is a good example of a mobile phone service company that is creating a brand experience by building a brand image combined with brand communications to differentiate itself from other rivals.

Brand Promise

Back to 1992, Optus firstly use 'YES' as its slogan. Customers were always supposed to say 'Yes' to products and services provided by Optus. Actually it represented a sale or even a production concept rather than a market-oriented concept.

However, the old concept of "yes" could lag behind the time when the customer-centric idea has been advocated. Optus realized this situation and endowed the word 'YES' a whole new concept in 1999 which is still being used today.

Firstly, the most significant change is that every Optus person is supposed to say the word 'Yes' to customers in every touch point. Now 'YES' is a promise...