The title of my Book Report is Called Greece its about the humanity and the wars they had back then.

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Greece is the birth place of western civilization. It has a long and eventful history. At one time a major science, philosophy, and art were a major part of Greece. It is now a country with political and economic problems. These problems occurred in Greek because of poor soil and few natural resources. During the 20th century, wars and frequent changes of the government had contributed the political instability of the country. In spite of these problems modern Greece and its people have achieved, particularly in the area of commerce.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Greece became part of the Byzantine Empire with its capital at Constantinople the Byzantine Empire was constantly under attack, and during the 13th century, Greece was annexed by the rising power of Venice. The Turkish conquest of the empire in 1453 resulted in the absorption of Greece into the Ottoman Empire. There was little economic development during the period of almost 400 years under Turkish rule.

Many Greeks fled the country, and there were periodic revolts. During the 18th century, however, the Greeks began to build their own economy and develop an organized resistance to the Turks. In 1770 the people of the Peloponnesus rose in revolt, but this was quickly stopped by the Turks. In 1821 the Greeks began a seven-year war of independence, which resulted in the liberation of the country and was supported by Great Britain, France, and Russia. Greece was declared an independent country in 1829, and Prince Otto of Bavaria was placed on the throne. In 1843 he was deposed by a revolutionary group but was replaced by King George I, who came from Denmark and was supported by the Great Powers. The king ruled as a constitutional monarch with an elected parliament.

Greece was not yet a...