Times of Roman Peace through the Death of Theodosius

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The Roman Empire was once a strong and unified nation. There were many occurrences that contributed to this state of being, as well as many competent and able men that contributed their influence and experience. However; the empire cycles through many changes which include glorious triumphs and periodic downward slides. This short rendering of historical information, will show the reader the many and varied states the empire cycled through during the times of Roman peace through the death of Theodosius.

The period of the Pax Romana was a time of security, booming economy and great cultural strides for the citizens of Rome. As a matter of fact, the time period of the Pax Romana (96-180) has been dubbed "The Five Good Emperors" (McKay, Hill, Buckler 153) due to the competent management and rule of the Roman Empire by Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius.

In 180 Marcus Aurelius gives the office to Commodus who rules from 180 to 192.

Although he was well known for his fighting in the arena against exotic wild beasts and awesomely strong and skilled gladiators, Commodus wasn't particularly suited to rule. Due to this, he had numerous conflicts with the Army.

There was however; a certain military General that believed he could do a better job at ruling than Commodus. His name was Septimius Severus. He came from North Africa, and was a well known and powerful military General. He assassinated Commodus in 192 and went on to create his own Dynasty, which will span the years from 193 until 235. Septimius was instrumental in causing the Army to pervade every area of the Roman citizen life including social, political and economic sanctions and daily activity. He was also responsible for recruiting copious amounts of Barbarians to serve in the Army. These...