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In the novel, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, the main character also known as the Time Traveler, encounters many dangers and conflicts throughout the book that segregate him from humanity due to his hardships. Losing a woman that he truly loved, greatly impacted him. His friends, turning their back to him, in a time of great discovery, discouraged him. Not to mention, the peering into the future, gave him glimpses that he would never forget.

The time travelers first stop is in the year 802,700, where everything has changed from the normal world he is accustom to. Small creatures known as Eloi inhabit the world. These creatures lounge around all day, doing nothing, and aren't the brightest creatures in the land. The time traveler accuses the Eloi of stealing his time machine, his opinion later changing when he discovers that this place is also inhabited by another type of creature known as the Morlocks.

The Morlocks are evil dark creatures, who terrorize this futuristic world, and lurk around and about in the shadows. He quickly finds out that these creatures aren't friendly at all when they make an attempt on his life. He does uncover that these truly are the creatures who stole his machine though.

While he stayed in the world, the time traveler befriend an Eloi named Weena who stays by his side, comforting him as he deals with his hardships. The Morlocks attack and capture Weena devastating the time travelers emotions. Determined to find his machine and return home, he descends down deep into the dark underground well into the home of the Morlocks.

Upon his arrival, the Morlocks attack him, but he manages to grab his time machine and escape their grasp just in time. He hoped in his machine and said his good byes. Pulling the switch and warping into time, he finds himself on a beach inhabited by large crabs who immediately attack him on his arrival. Making a quick adjustment he warps out of the situation and returns home.

When his machine arrives his friends are standing about waiting for him outside his home. Ecstatic from his travels he immediately rattles off his tales of the Morlocks, Eloi, giant crabs, and strange realms. His friends have a good laugh and don't believe him. This demolishes the Time Traveler bringing him to an all time low.

The Time Traveler's first hand encounters with all of his adventures put the fear of god into him, so to say. Now that he had seen the future, and what it held for him and the human race, he feared what would be coming up, what would he have to face to see things happen like that. Understanding that he couldn't do much to prevent a problem that he didn't quite understand, the Time Traveler would now be forced to plead to people about what would happen, and explain to them that there was nothing they could do to avoid it.

His own friends and human kind ignoring him, and believing him to be crazed drunk of some sort didn't give him much of a bright look upon living amongst people. When he was ridiculed for announcing his big accomplishment, it literally crushed him, and his faith in the people. This crushed faith would result in the Time Traveler trying to push himself away from society, in order to escape further embarrassment amongst his friends and family members.

While he stayed in the future because his time machine was broken, he slowly fell in love with the futuristic girl called Weena. When Weena is taken by the evil creatures known as the Morlock's, this is another damaging thing, that distorts his personality from how it used to be. When Weena was still around, staying in the future wasn't so bad, infact the Time Traveler considered staying perhaps several times. But, when she was stripped away from him, they took the only reason the Time Traveler would want to stay, resulting in the Time Traveler, leaving to find his machine.

From depression, devastation, and denial the time traveler takes his stories and leaves never to be heard from again. As long as he knew what he had discovered, and that he was in his right mind and told the truth, fame was not an issue with him. The effect of his friends turning their backs on him however forced him to abandon social interaction, segregating him from contact.