Time to kill

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In the beginning of the movie there was these two drunken rednecks that hated black people and they were throwing full beer bottles at black people and their houses. They went into a store owned by a black person and they trashed the store. They were going down the road and saw a young black girl and they stopped next to her, got out of the truck and grabbed her and tied her up to a tree and raped her. The peed on her and tried to hang her with a noose from a tree branch but it couldn't hold her so it fell. Since she fell they started throwing full beer bottles at her and hitting her in the face several times. They then took her and threw her down a 30-foot riverbank. Her brothers and sisters found her and went and got their dad. Later that day a cop went by the rednecks truck at a bar.

They went inside and grabbed the two guys and brought them to jail. The next day at their court seeing Carl Lee came out of the closet with a machine gun and killed the two guys and injured one cop. He then went to jail and he wanted Jake as his lawyer because he knew him and he knew that he would have done the same thing. After a while the people who thought that Carl Lee was guilty joined the KKK. The people in the KKK tried to burn down Jake's house. Jake sent his wife and daughter to a different state so nothing would happen to them. The KKK burnt down Jake's house while he wasn't there. The case went to court to see if Carl Lee was guilty or innocent. The KKK started a rampage outside the...