Through the Eyes of Nick

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Through the Eyes of Nick

To interpret Fitzsgerald's novel the Great Gatsby you have to consider the style in which it is written. The reader has to evaluate the two different points of view, Nick as the character and Nick as the narrator. After all, Nick the narrator is reflecting on his characters behavior the summer before, along with voicing his own opinion as a character throughout the novel. Personal reflection, symbolism, and imagery all lead us to learn to trust Nick as the narrator which help us to make essential decisions about the other characters in the novel. Although, Nick's character can not be looked at in the same way, because he seems hypocritical and deceitful throughout the novel. It is these slight imperfections that personalize Nick and allow the readers to relate to him as an actual human. Throughout the novel, the Great Gatsby, Fitzsgerald uses the comparison of Nick as a honest narrator and Nick as a dishonest character to illustrate a realistic time period of obtaining the American dream and finding yourself in a world full of carelessness.

The way Nick interprets the novel it is not always the same as the actions Nick's character represents. We learn early on in the novel that Nick is "inclined to reserve all judgments," but that his tolerance, "has a limit." Here we see that his actual opinions might no be expressed directly through conversation but it is important to understand that these judgments are still passed. The narrators role in the story is to allow the reader to understand Nick's opinions because his character purposely strays from doing so. Nick uses symbolism to show his true feelings of the characters in the Great Gatsby. Tom, Daisy, and Jordan are all represented by a "foul dust" in the novel.