The Three Musketeers And Its Significance

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The Three Musketeers By Dumas The Three Musketeers is an adventure novel and read by many today. Dumas has been considered one of the best, if not the best, authors of the nineteenth century. In his work, The Three Musketeers, he has added adventure and romance through out the novel.

Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24, 1802, and was a French novelist and playwright. Dumas chose unusual real characters for his novels and plays. He often used their past for historical detail and changed their lives into exciting tales of adventure. Dumas also created two types of plays, the historical drama and the contemporary drama set in his own time. Dumas tried to shape his works to changing literary tastes.

The setting takes place in the year 1625, in Gascony, a province of France.

D'Artagnan, the main character of the novel, is a fearless adventurer and an excellent swordsman.

He is loyal and would do anything to be in the presence of the queen of France, which makes him my favorite. He does everything to the best of his ability, which is a good characteristic to have. Athos is the oldest of the musketeers. He is the closest to D'Artagnan in the novel. I also like him because he is wise and knows a lot due to age. Aramis is also a musketeer not voluntary. He wanted to be a priest, but he now is passing the time as a musketeer until the queen provides France with an heir. I dislike this character due to the fact he does not want to be a musketeer. Anyone should take pride and joy in what they do. The last main character is Porthos, the most worldly. He is proud of his good looks and his fine physique, which he shows off to the women of society. I dislike him also because of his boastful attitude.

I would cast Tim Curry, as D'Artagnan because Curry has played in similar films that required acting as such D'Artagnan did in the novel. I would cast Oliver Patt as Athos because Patt has played people who are wise and very old. I believe this role needs someone who can endure the full meaning of the character and then act as if it was true. Oliver Patt fits this position. Next, I would cast Chris O'Donnell as Aramis because of the experience he has had and the way he expresses himself through face motions and gestures. Last, I would cast Charlie Sheen as Porthos. Charlie Sheen has played in a lot of different roles. For instance, he has played in comedies, adventure, suspense, and romance. Sheen can put in all of his experience in all of the different roles he as played and play Porthos for the movie.

It is the story of a young Gascon gentleman, D'Artagnan, who sets out to Paris with only an old horse, his father's letter of recommendation to the head of the King's Musketeers and a recipe for a miracle wound-healing salve. Although D'Artagnan loses the letter and sells the horse he is allowed entrance into the Musketeers but must wait an interminably long time to join in full. During this time he insensitively insults three of the musketeers who challenge him to duels at hourly intervals the next day which he attends showing great courage. When the Cardinal's Guards of a law warns them against dueling the musketeers and D'Artagnan. They join together and easily defeat their provocateurs. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis' become inseparable friends despite the three musketeers' fault of melancholy, pride and religious hypocrisy respectively. The rivalry between the king, Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu - the strongest man in the kingdom also occurs in the novel. The story follows the four friends' heroism even in saving an Englishman and acting valiantly at every opportunity until whether or not D'Artagnan will become a true musketeer.

This story is told in 3rd person omniscient. Parallelism occurs in the story when Dumas stresses the importance of D'Artagnan's being a Gascon by paralleling his early years with Treville's early years. Treville is also a Gascon. Athos symbolizes a true leader. For example, in the story the muskets belonging to the dead soldiers are still beside their bodies, and by placing the dead men and their muskets on the bastion's parapet, he shows great ingenuity.

The title describes the three main characters. The Three Musketeers are united in order to defend the honor of Anne of Austria against Cardinal Richelieu's schemes. Musketeers are just a group of friends that are swordsmen in this case.

I like the author's style because of how he provoked the information through much descriptive language. His weak points are that he could have made it a little easier style to read.

I would not change anything about the novel. I like the adventure parts and the way he fitted them in the story.

I would classify this as a classic. The reason being that this book was written long ago and now is made into numerous movies and the novel is still read and enjoyed by people.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read things that are challenging and can comprehend things well.

There was one "keeper line" that stuck on my mind. The Three Musketeers motto which was "All for one, one for all," is a line that you still hear today. This means for example each shares whatever money they have with the others and that fulfills their motto.

Most surely, you can read this novel and tell that things were done differently then now. Although things were different you should always respect the way things were. History determines tomorrow.

This novel is filled with adventure and romance. One rarely, if ever, encounters this kind of novel in fiction. It was very popular during the nineteenth century. Dumas was a master of this genre. Exceptionally famous and inspiring not only two sequels but Hollywood and television adaptations, Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers remains extremely popular and influential to this day.