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Tell Me A Riddle Part 2 The end of this short story was very difficult. It was incredibly depressing and even a little confusing. I thought the ending was very good to close the story because it ended with Jeannie telling her grandfather how her grandmother wanted to hear music like when she first heard it and to let her poor body die. I think this meant that he should accept her death. Because he has been acting before and not telling her of her fate he may have even been lying to himself. This may mean that he now has to be honest and realize that she has passed away. One thing in particular that confused me was the reoccurrence of music. I thought it may have just been something that she enjoys doing and did as a child and so did it to remember doing it before. Perhaps when she told Jeannie what to tell her grandfather she knew she would die very soon and feared it, and so expressed her desire to relive her life, going back to when she first heard the music.

Throughout the story she uses the music to aid her, even when it is turned off she seems to want it almost like she is saying that without listening to music what good are our ears for, "still it is there and we do not hear; knocks, and our poor human ears too weak (Pg 105). One of the most interesting images was the picture Jeannie drew of them holding hands. After seeing this picture the grandfather did hold his wife's hand and slept holding it. After reading this it felt as if the entire story they have been fighting except for the very end when right before she passes away they make peace and remain close until the end.