The Third Magic

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A Book report on "The Third Magic" I'm doing the report on this book because I like this kind of adventure novel. Because it has some kind of magnet in the book, that makes me to keep reading and reading and never stop.

And the story was happened in a world called Eifionydd"¦ Morgan was summoned through time to go to a different world called Nwm, on her way in she mate a boy named Arddu, so they decided to go together.

After a long time they have travailed the world of Nwm, they have battled with so many monsters, witches, and bad peoples. She has gained a lot of experiments. She has destroyed the two masters who own those two powerful magic. What she was been told by her ancestor, trying to save the world by combine the two magic together, but when she used the combination of the magic, the world didn't change at all.

At first she was confused, until they found the ancient and mysterious weapon: The Third Magic! Then the world was drawn into the struggle. On her way she mate King Arthur.

The main characters of the story are Morgan, Arddu and her twin brother Rigan. First one Morgan as the one who's a very brave and very smart girl, she fought with a lot of bad peoples, she always learns new techniques after she won a battle, so she always gets better and better. And the second one is Arddu, since he mate Morgan at the castle of King Arthur, he helped Morgan travailed through all the adventure and battle. This boy is very brave, very carefulness and smart too. Then the third person is her twin brother Rigan. He doesn't know he was Morgan's bother since they used their special communication tool: They can know what is each other is thinking about, and they can talk to each other by thinking. So during Morgan's adventure he helped her to solving some tricky problems. So I think Rigan is very smart because he can solve something that Morgan can't, and he is also very funny because he always uses jokes to make Morgan happy.

On the bad side, Menw and his follower are Morgan, Arddu and other people's enemies. The one who has the first magic called Arfwl Melyn he is the first person Morgan have to battle with, she didn't won the first battle but she learned from the battle so she beat him at the second time, this A'Casta is very powerful, very bad and tricky. And for the second magic Kynthelig, the one who is very smart, very bad, and very powerful. He almost killed Morgan and Arddu both before Rigan saved them.

After the two masters, they found the third magic, which could kill Menw, the most powerful man in the world, and it is the only weapon can kill him to save the world. Menw is a very powerful witch he's very strong, very quick and very smart.

So these are the story all about, good people try to save the magic world from bad people"¦ Not because it has some kind of magnet in the book, that's because the writer uses the special ways to created this kind of magical stories"¦ That I have to learn from reading this kind of books.