A Third Journal written as if you were a serf or farmer back in Medieval Times

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May 5 1342

Summer is finally here and I don't have to drag my oxen around plowing my field in -10 degrees like I did during the winter in my ragged clothes! The weather is very comforting since all my clothes have been torn apart by the nasty winter and the hale and sleet it brings. I hope the weather keeps up and I won't have to go on strike because now it's almost nice being outside in the sun even though I do have to work. Since the king is happy with my efforts he has told me that he was sorry for the pain he had caused during the winter about demanding so much food and that it was only because he was getting lots of visitors. He said that due to his demands he has cut his demands in half and now I get almost 70 percent of what I harvest.

I have now married, and I was married to a very fair lady by the name Margaret. She is a lovely, fair, and respectful wife and I love her dearly. We plan to have at least two children and I shall hope it becomes more because I love children. Now that the king has cut his demands so low I will have lots of surplus in my crops and I will be able to feed my whole family and then earn a bit of money. If I keep this up I might even be able to ask the king for a tiny bit more land so I can harvest even more crops and make a good living. I shall name my child after the great ruler Charlemagne's son, Charles and if it turns out to be a girl I shall name her after my dear wife...