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In this experiment, I tested for surface tension in liquids and I think I obtained very accurate results. My results are accurate because I tested each liquid five times without the surfactant and five times with it. Then I took the average of those numbers. Using those results, I can determine if my hypotheses are correct. My hypothesis for the first experiment is incorrect, but for the second experiment, it was correct. It was correct because the dishwashing soap did make the liquid able to hold less weight, about four dimes less. I did not have any problems, except spilling liquids on the floor, everything went as planned. What could have been a problem would have been if I used liquids with different densities. The liquids that were denser would definitely hold more weight. Since my one of my hypotheses was correct and the other one was a guess of order, I do not feel that I need to revise my hypothesis.

Next time around on this experiment I would use liquids with different densities because I would like to see how much of a difference it makes. I have also thought of a few new questions that have come to me: "Does the amount of sugar or carbonation affect the surface tension of the liquid?" In addition, another one is "What if I used 2% milk instead of non-fat milk?" "Would that affect the weight the milk was able to hold?" Overall, this experiment was enjoyable and not extremely hard. I would do this experiment again if I ever get the chance in the future.