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During the late 1800's and through today there have been a group of enforcers and protectors in the state of Texas. These protectors have been known as the "Rangers". The rangers were made up of schoolteachers, farmers and masons. They were ordinary people. These rangers were skilled in certain areas such as horseback riding and gun shooting. The rangers protected local Texas citizens from Mexicans and Indians.

In the year 1835, 13,00 people move to Tao. The Indians were enemies and they would frequently invade parts of cities including Tao. At one point Mexican and Indian attacks were so bad that invaders would surround the Alamo and people would die every night. Texas was an independent republic and the commanche Indian tribe staged raids at any moment. Rangers were the only peoples help.

Rangers came up with a new pistol that could shoot 5 bullets instead of one. This devastated the commanche force.

After this Texas became the 28th state of the USA.

This angered Mexicans and they decided to take action against it and take Texas back. War was declared on America and America could not take it. The soldiers were not fighting well and were not used to these fighting conditions. Then the rangers stepped in and saved the US as well as their army. The Rangers were flashy, fearless, well armed, and dangerous.

In the 1870's the Rangers came back into popularity and started to capture outlaws such as John Wesley Harden. They stopped Bank robber Bass and they continued to fight off Mexican's, as attacks seemed to come about. Through the beginning of WW1 a famous Ranger known as Frank Homer. Frank Homer and some of his men traveled to England to help fight off the Nazis and teach England how to stop Germany from pushing through. The Rangers were so strong that even the Nazis feared them.

Through the 1900's Rangers have done good and bad. Sometimes ruthless mistakes lead to banning and punishment. However in the 90's the rangers have helped out America. There is a museum in Waco and this celebrates and honors all of the Rangers. The Rangers have helped investigate alcohol and tobacco. In 1997 they helped end a peaceful standoff. In 1999 a railroad murderer surrendered to the Rangers and he said he wouldn't have surrendered to anybody else. The Texas Rangers were good men who can be described as capable, honest, and brave.