Teen Depression

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Throughout the world today there are many problems that face our society. These problems have often affect many of our teens. A major issue with teens is depression.

Depression endangers more teens each day because any and everything can cause someone to fall in to the state of depression In the first place, teen depression causes teens to begin smoking because they feel it helps them to cope. For example, 35% of high school boys and an equal percentage of girls smoke, this increased 27% in girls and 28% of boys since 1991. Furthermore, smoking promotes major depression, possibly through the impact of nicotine on youthful brains.

This illustrates that parents should realize that smoking isn't something they should just "shrug off." In addition, smoking not only endangers teens physical health it endangers their entire lives. Also, scientists have assumed smoking is a well known link in depression. This shows depression can cause teens to begin smoking to ease the pain depression may cause.

Therefore, smoking is a bad habit that teens across the world use today because they believe that "smoking" is the key to all their problems.

Next, depression causes teens to have the feelings of despair, hopelessness, and worthlessness because of the reoccurring thoughts of suicide. For example, suicide is not something that can just happen to other people, it can be a reality in any family. Furthermore, at any given time about 37% of the United States will turns to suicide because of depression. This shows that suicide can be a tragedy under any circumstance, but especially devastating for families and friends or younger people. In addition young people who are depressed and suicidal often keep those feelings at home and school they may confide in their friends, often binding them to secrecy. Also suicide...